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Wera Tool Rebels

All-In screwdriver set

79,00 €

Screwdriver set Kraftform TR 1 (All-In)

  • Ingenious 19-piece screwdriver mix
  • Most popular screw profiles combined
  • Special power sources through Kraftform and T- handles
  • Exclusive Tool Rebel box design. Only available here in the shop!

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Same same but different

The All in screwdriver set is the all-round carefree package for all those who like the classic drive a screw in and out according to the Wera recipe.

The mix provides you with the most common screwdriver profiles in the standard, VDE, micro and "hit it" range.  With the T-handles, you are guaranteed to be in the driver's seat and solve even the toughest cases.

Thanks to the Wera "Take-it-easy" colour and stamp system, you can quickly find the right profile and size even with unsorted tools from the box.
Quantity Article number Prodduct name More Information/th>
1x 05006100001 160 i 0,4 x 2,5 x 80 mm/td> More Info
1x 05006110001 160 i 0,6 x 3,5 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05008710001 350 PH 1 x 80 mm More Info
1x 05008720001 350 PH 2 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05110004001 335 0,8 x 4,0 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05110010001 334 1,2 x 6,5 x 150 mm More Info
1x 05009310001 355 PZ 1 x 80 mm More Info
1x 05009315001 355 PZ 2 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05018264001 932 A 1,0 x 5,5 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05018266001 932 A 1,2 x 7,0 x 125 mm More Info
1x 05028008001 367 TORX 15 x 80 mm More Info
1x 05028010001 367 TORX 20 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05028012001 367 TORX 25 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05118026001 2050 PH 0 x 40 mm More Info
1x 05117993001 2035 0,30 x 1,8 x 40 mm More Info
1x 05023338001 454 Hex-Plus HF 4 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05023342001 454 Hex-Plus HF 5 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05023346001 454 Hex-Plus HF 6 x 100 mm More Info
1x 05073681001 1441 More Info
After your order is prepared in our warehouse in Wuppertal, personalized for you if desired and sent to you by DHL.

Depending on the order volume, your product will be ready for shipment in 5-7 business days. Of course, we will do our best to get your order sooner.

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Your words make our sets unique

Only here in our shop you have the possibility to personalise your Tool Heroes as well as the stainless steel plate on the textile Tool Rebel box. And all that for free! Mark your stuff with a name, your favourite club or a clear "Hands off" announcement. There are no limits to your ideas. If you don't want your own text, you'll get your tool kit with the "Be a Tool Rebel" inscription. The personalised Tool Rebel sets are also a true eye-catcher as a gift. Individual and personal! A perfect combination.

Power (German: Kraft) in its best form

The 2-component Kraftform handle from Wera. Highly convincing thanks to its high power transmission and its lightning-fast interchangeable blade system. Designed for hands that want to create screwdriving history.

Against the tension

When it's really sparking, there's no compromise. The red/yellow VDE Kraftform Plus handle ensures safe working at approved voltages up to 1000 V. But first it is put through its paces in the 10,000 V piece-by-piece test here at Wera.

The Hit It Champion

May I present to you? The Wera Chiseldriver. Designed for screwdriving, chiseling and loosening tight screws. Thanks to a special hardening process and the Black Point tip, they can really take a beating.

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