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Wera Tool Rebels

Tool Rebel Guitar Set

109,00 €
  • High-quality 27-piece guitar set
  • Wera & Knipex® tools combined in one set
  • Perfect tool mix for typical maintenance and repair work
  • Compact box design - fits in your gig bag

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When the living room becomes a rock stage

The Wera guitar set contains all the tools you need to adjust, maintain or repair your acoustic, electric or air guitar.

This time, the Wera screwdriving tools come with the high-quality string cutter from the Knipex® pliers brand. It helps you to cut a set of new strings super precisely.

Attention! If you use the Tool Rebel picks, the rock 'n roll may make you fly!     

Or just put the picks in the metal box and SHAKE IT!
Quantity Article number Product name More Information
1x 815 R Handhalter
1x 05071081001 3851/4 PH 1x89mm More Info
1x 05071082001 3851/4 PH 2x89mm More Info
1x 05134029001 3800/1 TS 1,8x12x41mm More Info
1x 3840/1 TS 0,05"x25mm
1x 3800/4 0,6x3,5x89mm
1x 3800/4 1,2x8x89mm
1x 05022700001 3950 PKL 1,5x90mm More Info
1x 05022701001 3950 PKL 2x101mm More Info
1x 05022702001 3950 PKL 2,5x112mm More Info
1x 05022703001 3950 PKL 3x123mm More Info
1x 05022704001 3950 PKL 4x137mm More Info
1x 05022705001 3950 PKL 5x154mm More Info
1x 05022712001 3950 PKL 1/8"x123mm More Info
1x 05022714001 3950 PKL 5/32"x137mm More Info
1x 05022715001 3950 PKL 3/16"x154mm More Info
1x 05136000001 870/1 1/4"x25mm More Info
1x 05003509001 8790 HMA 10x23mm More Info
1x 05003521001 8790 HMA 7/16"x23mm More Info
1x 05004520001 8790 HMA Deep 1/2"x50mm More Info
1x 9103 Saitenkurbel
1x 9105 Fühlerlehre
1x 9104 Inputjacker
1x 9101 Plektren
1x 9110 Metalldose
1x KNIPEX® 74 01 140

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Depending on the order volume, your order will arrive in 2-4 working days. Of course, we will do our best to ensure that your order arrives as quickly as possible.

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A set of new strings please

The Wera Kraftform handle with its ¼" socket is the perfect counterpart to the string crank. With one click, the crank is securely fixed in the handle and ready to step on the gas. The ingenious design of the handle ensures a high power transmission. The handle is also suitable for all guitar machine heads.

With Benefit

The inputjacker included in the set is responsible for securely fixing the jack socket. With the included Zyklop socket, the jack can now be easily fixed via the external socket without loosening the jack plate.

Hex-Plus is not magical

The stainless steel angle spanners are responsible for the guitar neck adjustment as well as the adjustment of the octave purity. The combination of metric and imperial versions allows you to tighten a wide variety of guitar models. The unique Hex-Plus geometry offers larger contact surfaces in the screw head and thus minimises "round turning" of the screw.

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